Salaah (Prayer)

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5 Daily Prayers (all prayers)
  • Fajr
  • Dhuhr
  • Asr
  • Maghrib
  • Ishaa
    Adhkaar of Salaah (thikr made during salaah)


    Bulletin Board (Salaah)

    Conditions/Requirements/Pillars of Salaah

    Errors in Prayer


    How to Make Salaah   (from beginning to end)
      Intention for Salaah


      Lapbooking/Notebooking (Salaah)

      Making Up/Missing Salaah (including arriving late and missing a portion of salaah)

      Opening Duaas

      Optional Prayers

      Positions/Rakaat (qiyaam, rukoo, sujood, juloos) - All resources
      • Qiyaam
      • Juloos
      • Rukoo
      • Sujood
      • # of Rakaat per prayer
        Progress and Incentive Charts (Salaah)

        Prophet's Prayer Described

        Prostration of Forgetfulness

        Qiblah (prayer direction)

        Recitation in Salaah

        Salaah Review

        Seeking Refuge from 4 Things

        Sending Salaat Upon Prophet

        Sutrah (Barrier in front of you while praying)

        Tashahhud Related (all resources)

        Tasleem (salaaming out/completing the prayer)

        Tayammum (purification before salaah if no water is available)

        Thikr After Salaah

        Women and Prayer

        Wudhoo (purification before salaah)


        This is a short, but very beneficial audio.