Islamic Studies: Salaah (Prayer)

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5 Daily Prayers (all prayers)
  • Fajr
  • Dhuhr
  • Asr
  • Maghrib
  • Ishaa
Adhkaar of Salaah (thikr made during salaah)

Adhkaar after Salaah


Bulletin Board (Salaah)

Conditions/Requirements/Pillars of Salaah

Errors in Prayer


How to Pray - all resources
Intention for Salaah


Lapbooking/Notebooking (Salaah)

Leading Prayer

Making Up/Missing Salaah

Opening Duaas

Prayer Rakaah/Positions (qiyaam, rukoo, sujood, juloos) - All resources
  • Qiyaam
  • Juloos
  • Rukoo
  • Sujood
Progress and Incentive Charts (Salaah)

Prophet's Prayer Described

Prophet's Wudoo Described

Prostration of Forgetfulness

Qiblah (prayer direction)

Recitation in Salaah

Salaah Review

Sample Sequence for Teaching Salaah

Tashahhud Related (all resources)
Sutrah (Barrier in front of you while praying)

Tasleem (salaaming out/completing the prayer)

Tayammum (purification before salaah if no water is available)

Voluntary (nafl) Salaah

Women and Prayer

Wudhoo (purification before salaah)