Telling Time


Interactive Demonstration Clock from - this is helpful is you don't have a physical demonstration clock at home. Kids can play adjust minutes and hours on it.

This site has been around since my older kids were younger. Loads of resources. It has a demonstration clock, online games, and worksheets (though the worksheets aren't free anymore).


We were working on quarter to and quarter past in math and I wanted a reference poster for my daughter. I found some online but I made up this one to include some of the things that my daughter would often forget or has trouble with.

I made up a little poster and flashcards for my son a couple of years ago to review time concepts that I wanted him to memorize.  The poster is great to place in a student's reference binder/organizer. And it comes with a set of six flashcards.
Calendar/Clock Concepts Poster

Telling Time to the Hour

Telling Time to the Hour Poster (TJ Homechooling)
A simple poster showing the analog, digital and word form of time on the hour.

Telling Time to the Hour Cards - same printable as the Telling Time to the Hour Poster without the text below the clocks

Digital Clocks - can be used for various activities and games