Beginning S Blends: SC, SK, SL, SM, SN, SP, ST, SW

Two letter beginning blends that start with "s": sl, st, sp, sn, sc, sw, sk, sm

Resources that Contain more than 1 S blend

  • S Blends Word Lists (TJ Homeschooling) - word lists for sl, st, sp, sn, sc, sw, sk, sm. The main word lists are for beginning students who have basically only learned the 5 short vowel sounds; the secondary list contains words for more advanced students who have learned other phonograms. Also include tracing practice for each blend.




      also included: SL beginning blend 2 sided flashcard*

      *SL Blends Learning Pack (Word version) - (I provided the Word document as the flashcard did not print out well on a 3x5 card in PDF form. You can print it directly onto a 3 x 5 card from Word:

      Other Resources on the Net:





              ST Blend Learning Packet from TJ Homeschooling
              The learning packet contains:

              •          ST Beginning blends word list
              •          Sample daily phonics routine
              •          Sentences that contain the “st” beginning blend (for copywork, dictation, etc).
              •          Reading drills
              •          ST Beginning blends Tic-tac-toe Boards
              •          Handwriting worksheet
              •          ST beginning blend 2 sided flashcard

              ST Resources elsewhere on the net:

              SK vs. SC Blends

              sk and sc beginning blends

              General Rule (there are exceptions):
              (for the sc with the hard c sound)

              Spell with "sk" when the vowel after it is a "e," "i,", or "y"

              Spell with "sc" when the vowel after it is a "a," "o," or "u" or when a consonant follows the blend

              Some exceptions: skull, skate, skunk

                For these blends we also practiced alphabetical order skills by putting the sk, then the sc words in alphabetical order and then I had my daughter read the alphabetized word lists for more reading practice.