Rukoo, Sujood & Juloos

Rukoo is the prayer position where one is bended at the knee.
Sujood is the prayer position where one is prostrated
Juloos is prayer position where one sits inbetween sujoods (prostrations)

Rukoo, Sujood and Sitting Between Sujoods

Athkaar of Rukoo, Sujood, and Inbetween Sujoods (Arabic text and translation only)
Athkaar of Rukoo, Sujood and Inbetween Sujoods

Athkaar of Rukoo, Sujood, and Inbetween with Phonetic Transliteration (Arabic text, translation, and phonetic transcription)


Rukoo Lesson (based upon Prophet's Prayer Described)

Rising From Rukoo

Thikr for Rising from Rukoo Word for Word Translation and Arabic text

Thikr for Rising from Rukoo Word for Word Translation with Arabic text and Phonetic Transcription


Sujood Lesson  (based upon Prophet's Prayer Described book)

Sitting in Between Sujoods

Sitting in Between Sujoods Copywork

Phonics - Silent Letters

Letters that are sometimes silent in words: b, c, d, h, k, m, n, p, t, u, and w

Silent Letter Games and Printable Activities - Galactic Phonics

Silent Letters - How to

List of Words with Silent Letters - (Advanced words for older learners; includes audio pronunciations)

Silent Letter Lessons

TJ Homeschooling Resources

IGH Words and Sentences

IGH Word List

Silent Letters Picture/Phonogram Cards (WR, KN, GN)

Use for matching or other games.....
Silent Letter Matching Picture Cards

On one set of boards, student must make the sound of the silent letter phonograms to place a marker. On the other set of boards, student must read a word with beginning silent letters to place a marker. 
Beginning Silent Letters Tic Tac Toe

Long Vowels - Consonant+E, Consonant+O (We, Go...)

Consonant + E (be, he, me, she, we)

In short letter words that end with a consonant and an "e," the "e" make the long e sound (says its name)

Long E Reading Drills

Consonant + O (no, go, so)

In short letter words that end with a consonant and an "o," the"o" make the long o sound (says its name)

Consonant O Reading Drills

R Controlled Vowels - AR, ER, IR, OR, UR


The Phonogram AR

AR Learning Pack - contains an AR word list, bingo, tic tac toe, picture cards, bingo

AR Word ListAR Words Bingo/Matching GameAR Read and Draw Worksheet

AR Words Tic Tac ToeAR Words Bingo/Matching Game


ER Word List (with sample sentences) 
ER phonogram word list and sentences


Nothing here yet!


OR Matching Cards - TJ Homeschooling

OR word list

OR word list

OR Lesson (PDF) - Islamic themed
R Controlled Vowels: OR Lesson

OR Worksheet 1
Fill in the blank with the correct OR word

R Controlled Vowels: OR Worksheet

Circle the correct OR word shown in the picture

OR phonogram worksheett

Trace the "or" phonogram, then trace words containing the phonogram and draw a picture to mach.
OR phonogram worksheet


Nothing here yet!

Simple Daily Phonics Routine

If you are teaching phonics on your own, consistency is going to be key.  Having a consistent routine like the one can help keep you on track (and can help make planning easier, inshaa Allah).

1. Introduce the Phonogram

  • Show the phonogram, say the phonogram name and give its sound - have student repeat the sound (several times)
  • Show student word list of words that contain the phonogram; read the words, have student read the words
  • Have student trace or write the phonogram several times; have student say the sound the phonogram makes as he/she traces or writes.

2. Sound Practice

  • Have student identify words that start with or contain the phonogram
    • Give student a worksheet or other activity where pictures are shown and they must circle/identify which words start with or have the phonogram in them. 
    • You can alternatively call out words and student must tell you (or alternatively trace/write the phonogram) when a word contains the phonogram.

3. Reading Practice - Words

  • Have student read the words several times (I like to make a gameboard or ladder and write the words in the gameboard spaces or rungs of a ladder so it doesn't feel so much like a drill to read the words).

4. Reading Practice - Sentences

  • Have student read sentences that have words that contain the phonogram.

5. Spelling (optional)

  • Have student sort the word list (for example, by the short vowel it contains, number of letters, etc to give students face time with the words.
  • Have student alphabetize the words (to give students more face time with the words)
  • Have student complete a word search or crossword puzzle (again, for more facetime)
  • Give student dictation on the words (another way is to give student the definition or clue for the word and they must write the word from their list that matches)

6. Sentence Writing

  • Have student compose sentences with the words on their word list (can break up into more than one day if the list is long). You might give student a theme to write around for motivation. Try to have student use varied sentences (statements, questions, commands, exclamations). You can have student pick out the subject and predicate of their sentences, parts of speech, etc for grammar review. If you've just worked on a particular grammar concept, have your student incorporate that into their sentences.

7. Craft (optional)

  • Make a craft that is related to a word that contains the phonograms (and incorporate words that fit the  phonogram pattern on the craft; example, if learning the phonogram "p" make a construction paper pizza craft, the words that contain the phonogram could be written on paper pepperonis.)


Begin each session with review of previous phonograms (can be as simple as using flashcards) and end each session with review of the current phonogram (can be as simple as having student tell the sound the phonogram makes)

If student needs more than 1 day with a phonogram, use the routine over again substituting in new activities to keep it fresh.

With this routine, you are hitting many areas each time: sound recognition, sight recogntion, reading, spelling, writing, grammar, and listening.

Short Vowel (a,e,i,o,u) Resources

Short Vowels
Photo Credit: Sarah, 9 

Short Vowel A

Short Vowel A Gameboard

Word Families
I've never really taught word families (i.e. -ad, -ag, -an, etc) because I prefer to focus blending at the beginning of the word, but some years ago, someone requested word families, so I put together a few resources here and there on word families. I know many people teach by word families, so if you do, I hope you can find these few resources helpful.

Short E Word List

Short E Matching Cards
Set of 16 word/picture matching cards to practice the short vowel e

Short E Matching Cards

Short Vowel I

Short I Gameboard

Short Vowel O

(I usually just use the gameboards as a fun way to do reading drills)
Short O Gameboard

Short Vowel U

Nothing here yet!

All Short Vowels (A, E, I, O, U)

Short Vowel Reading Practice
Ok, so technically not boards, but, yet not just a word list.......

I made these up for my first grader so that she can easily practice reading short vowel words, in shaa Allah.  There are around 4 "boards" for each of the five short vowels (a, e, i, o, and u).

Instead of focusing on word endings (as in done with word families), In CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant words) I have always liked to focus on the beginning of the word (the initial consonant and first vowel). I found that when we used word families and focused on the endings, words sounded more like cuh-at, buh-at. 

In these word boards, as you can see, the first two letters are underlined because I want my daughter to focus on blending those two and adding the end sound.  Before using the boards, we did drills on having her blend just the two beginning letters, so we read ba, ba, ba, ba, ca, ca, ca, etc. (in shaa Allah, I'll post our "gameboards" that we used for that). When she was able to look at those beginnings and read fluently, then we went onto adding the ending letter/sound to read words. (I got this idea from one of the old school phonics books at

Finally, in the word boards, you'll see baseball and doughnut pictures. My daughter (as many kids) has trouble distinguishing between the b's and d's so I put the pictures above b's and d's so that she could figure out the word on her own, in shaa Allah. (There are also zippers for words like "has" and "his.") 

Four pages of alphabet cards. Cut out, fold in half and use the vowel cards with the consonants to help make CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant pattern) words. The pictures fold back so that they can be used only if the student has trouble identifying the sounds. 
CVC word builder cards

SH!!!!!!!! Learning the SH Digraph

Starfall - Learn the Sound of SH  - Great interactive way to introduce the sh digraph

Word Lists

Sh Word List - 6 page PDF, this mega, categorized list is nice so that you can pick words that fit your student's skill level from beginning to advanced.  (If you change the "sh's" in the URL to different digraphs, you can find different lists (I tried, ch, th)

SH Word and Sentence List (TJ Homeshooling)
SH word list and sentences for reading and dictation. I made this one up for my near beginners who had only tackled a few phonograms past the short vowels.

SH Digraph Word and Sentence List



Craft Ideas