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We're using this program right now, level 1. My daughter loves it so far.

1st Grade Resources

Color In Alphabet Progress Chart (Recognition & Sound)

I wanted a chart that my daughter could color in as she learned the letters of the alphabet and I wanted to be able to mark off whether she had learned to recognize a letter (upper case and lower case) as well as when she learned its sound, and I couldn't seem to find one that captured all three, so I made one up:

My daughter colors in the upper/lower case when she came recognize each and then she colors in the ear when she has learned the sound.

The Letter S

Letter S Poster

Letter S Cards

Letter S Mini Book (cover + 8 pages)

Some of our letter S activities:

This cute download from the Measured Mom:

We were eating skittles and I had her point out all the S's on the packaging.

And that led to this activity:

The Letter W

Letter W Printables Pack:

Letter W Poster

Letter W Picture Cards

Letter W Mini Book (cover + 8 pages)

(Student traces the letter w, the doted lines didn't show up well on this pic

We made this watermelon from half a paper plate, green tissue paper, red paint and for the seeds, we painted orzo pasta black and glued it on (the craft idea that we got this from used dry black beans for the seeds and I didn't have those on hand, but I think the orzo shape looks more like watermelon seeds.

The Letter M

These are some printables I made for my 4 year old. We are starting a more formal study of the letters of the alphabet.  I am hoping to create similar packs for other letters as well as we study them, inshaa Allah.

M Poster - use to introduce the letter M and for daily review.

Picture Cards - use for games and activities

Letter M Mini book

There are 8 picture pages in total like the ones above.

I found a perfect sized box to hold our mini books so my daughter can have a little library, in shaa Allah

Download Letter M Pack

We did a letter M craft.

I got the idea for this craft from the Our Crafts N Things blog.



Preschool Curriculum Helps

Creating a Preschool Curriculum with Developmental Checklists

When my older kids were younger, I was always researching preschool activities that I could do with them. The ideas also used to flow easier. As my kids got older, it seemed as if I was always focusing on the older kids and not being as creative or playful with the younger kids.

The other day, my two year old expressed an interest in "school" as I was working with her older sister and I realized that I needed to pick up the pace with her and do more meaningful activities. At first I thought of finding some workbooks and worksheets but I remember when my older kids were younger, we did more hands on activities.

One thing I remember that I used to do was find age checklists and do the different activities on them. Not so much to assess my kids, but it was just an easy way to come up with skill building activities that were fun.

You can browse through the checklists and put together a more formal curriculum with plans, if that's your thing, or you can just choose skills from the list and come up fun activities, such as games, to use those skills in.  The important thing, at this age, is to have fun.

Here are a few places you can find developmental checklists:

Two Year Olds

Three Year Olds