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 Are you having trouble downloading TJ Homeschooling files?

Due to Google's security updates of 9/13/2021,

 most or all links have been changed. 

I am in the process of restoring the original links, 

but I have to do it file by file, so it's going to take a while. 😬

If you would like a file whose link has not yet been restored, please request access when prompted.

Adding 2 to a Number

Practice for the +2 facts!

Subtraction Math Facts

Resources for drilling/memorizing the subtraction tables.

Subtracting 0

Subtracting 1

Subtracting 2

Subtracting 3

Subtracting 6


Doubles (& Near Doubles) Addition Facts

Resources to practice the doubles & near doubles (doubles + 1 facts)

Similes & Metaphors

Similes & Metaphors

Simile: A figure of speech that expresses a resemblance between things of different kinds (usually formed with 'like' or 'as')
Metaphor: A figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity

Worksheets & Exercises


Lesson Plans/Teaching Resources

Make a simile sandwich. For an entertaining way to practice similes, have your child plan a picnic, using similes. What to pack? How about apples green as a grasshopper, rhubarb pie with whipped cream like clouds, or a sub sandwich big as a baseball bat? This exercise will let your child flex her creativity, while giving her practice in simile skills!

Learning Aids

Similes & Metaphor Graphic Organizer

Literature: Types of Conflict

Types of Conflict

In literature, there is always some type of conflict (a struggle, challenge, or opposition) that drives the story.  There are several types of conflict:
  • Character vs. character
  • Character vs. self
  • Character vs. nature
  • Character vs. society
  • Character vs. technology
  • Character vs. supernatural
  • Character vs. fate
A great deal of the time, there may be more than one type of conflict present. 

Here are a few resources on types of conflict that I found helpful:


Conflict Graphic Organizers
Cute graphic organizers and other helpful resources to teach the different types of conflict (including the use of movie trailers). She has links to her posts that have resources for each type of conflict.

6 story conflicts possible in your book 
This is really written more so for writers, but the author does a good job of summarizing the types of conflict as well as provides examples. There's also a nice info graphic here.

Conflict: What's the Problem? Powerpoint

This is a simple, but handy, chart that gives 7 categories of conflict, a description of each, as well as an example. To get this document, don't choose the yellow "download" button, but rather scroll down to the end of the imbedded window and choose the print icon. (The download button prompted me to upload a document).

Types of Conflict Graphic Organizer (TJ)
This was based upon the graphic organizer above, which we did, but my daughter wanted to use her own examples.
Types of Conflict Graphic Organizer

This was the original G.O. I made for my daughter so that she could illustrate the types of conflict. It contains 6 of them. I liked the categorization of 7 types of conflict above, so I went with that instead, but I am posting this one in case it's helpful.


This page provides a brief overview of the different types of conflict and then has several worksheets. Also includes 2 powerpoint lessons. I like the powerpoint lessons as they are brief and provide a few practice activities at the end (students are given a scenario and have to identify the type of conflict present.) No bells and whistles but concise and to the point. 

Conflict Practice Sheets - 3 Handouts on Internal & External Conflict
Free from TpT. This is a great set of worksheets to practice identifying the different types of conflicts. Includes an answer key.  The author of the worksheets also has a section on her site about activities for teaching conflict (The Literary Maven) ( a lot of ideas here).

Sums to 5

Resources to help teach the sums to 5.

Helping Verbs

Adding 9 to a Number

Resources to help teach adding 9 to a number.
Adding 9 to a number

Adding 1 to a Number

Just a few quick resources that might be helpful if you are working on the +1s math facts: