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Hi there/As salaamu alaykum!

Want to know a little about the person behind TJ? If so, here you go..............

TJ  Homeschooling is run solely by me,  Umm Ibrahim Samirah (aka Sherrie). I am a Muslim American stay at home homeschooling mom who has been homeschooling since 1998.

TJ first started out as Talibiddeen Jr. back in 2002.  It was just a way to collect and share links to homeschooling materials on the internet and to a few printables that I had made for our own homeschooling. The name Talibiddeen Jr (which roughly translates from Arabic into "student or seeker of knowledge of the religion") was born out of the need to come up with a name for our homeschool (state requirements). I started applying it to the website and voile, the birth of Talibiddeen Jr!

In 2002, we were blessed to be able to move overseas. Our first place of residence was in Egypt, where we lived for a year and a half. Next, it was on to Yemen (which will forever be in our hearts), for five years, and then UAE for another 3. (We returned back to the states in 2012.) When we moved overseas, I didn't really work on the website until I picked it back up in 2006 with Tripod as my host. That's when things really started taking off and in some form or fashion, TJ has been running since then. 

I've moved the site a lot--as those who have followed me through the years can truly attest to. (Thank you for following me) I've gone from one "mega site" to multiple blogs at multiple URLs. And, well, it finally caught up with me (got to be too much too handle) and I decided to try to once again merge TJ content into one site.  In the fall of 2014, I decided to "rebrand" as TJ Homeschooling. As of this writing, I am still trying to combine the equivalent of maybe 12 blogs or so (yes, really that many, into one. I devoted separate blogs to separate schooling subjects and topics.)  At any rate, I am in the slow process of moving everything, and as you can imagine, it will take some time.

So who is the person behind TJ?

Well, as I said, I'm a Muslim woman (not a man or brother, as I have been mistaken for, lol). I graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Civil Engineering back in 1994 and since graduating have lived both on the east and west coasts (but I'm a Cali girl at heart as I was raised in northern California).

I've been Muslim since 1997, alhamdulllah, and as I said earlier, I've been homeschooling since 1998. I stopped working that year (1998) after my third child was born and started homeschooling that fall. I have been blessed with 8 biological children and 3 stepchildren.  Ten are currently at home, ranging in age from 2 to 22 and one is no longer with us, having been born with a serious genetic defect (Trisomy 18) and who left us after only 3 short months, qaddarAllah ma shaa fa'ala.

I've always homeschooled (except for a week in a private Islamic school, and a couple of months at a masjid school) my kids and my oldest two took their GEDs and are currently in junior college, alhamdulillah.

So that's me and TJ in a nutshell. I love sharing things I come across on the internet as well as materials that I make for my own children in our homeschool and that's what you'll see at TJ Homeschooling, a combination of these. I'm happy to say that TJ resources have been used by muslim and non-Muslim parents and private and public educators the world over! 

I hope that you can find many beneficial resources here too and that you enjoy your visit!

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Happy Educating!

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