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We're using this program right now, level 1. My daughter loves it so far.

Arabic Fonts

Here are a few of my favorite fonts that I like to use when making Arabic learning materials.

The Abo Slman are wonderful fonts (my absolute favorites) for making Arabic worksheets and learning aids. Among them are a dotted Arabic font and a lined Arabic font which are excellent for educational use.

Cool - Unicode Arabic Fonts - a collection of  Arabic fonts

Here are a few of the "more fun" fonts that I liked from the collection:

B Koodak Outline Font

B Jadid

And here are some others that I found elsewhere online:

Jeddah Font Normal

Jeddah Font (Outline)
Arabic Jeddah Font

Arabic Batouta Font

Here are a few more, the links were no longer working so I removed them, I left the names in case they can be found by googling.

Boutros 5
Arabic Boutros 5 Font

Boutros 6
Arabic Boutros 6 Font
Arabic Cairo Font

original post date: 2/28/2015