Our Winter Wall

Our "fall wall" (Instagram) was a hit in our house this year, so on the first day of winter, December 21, I started decorating for our "winter wall." I'm hoping to make it a seasonal tradition as it is a nice focal point in the house, a place to display seasonal artwork and it provides us with learning opportunities.
Here is what we currently have on our wall:

Winter Banner
I loved the fall banner that I found online but finding a similar winter one was a bit tricky. There were many holiday ones and "let it snow" ones (we barely get snow in our parts so that one wasn't really appealing). So, with my limited design skills I made my own banner which came out better than I had expected. I was going to run some yarn across it so that it actually looked like a hanging banner, but, well, we'll see lol. Sometimes it's a major accomplishment just to get something up.

You can download  the Winter Banner here

Winter Words
Just like for our fall wall, I found a freebie winter wall words printable (from the same person) at Teachers Pay Teachers.

These are just a few of the words we have displayed.  There are 40 winter words in this resources. I loved the winter clothes words and she does have some holiday words as well, which obviously we omitted for our use.

Winter Crafts
So we've started a few simple winter crafts. There's our hot cocoa Popsicle stick craft:

Popsicle sticks are my number one go to for crafts this year as I got a box of 1000 of them last year and umm, you can see how much we still have.

(I had gotten a box of jumbo ones as well and we went through that one really quick but I guess I had these out of sight otherwise I'm sure these would be gone too).

The inspiration for this hot cocoa mug craft came from the Glued to My Crafts blog where you can find instructions but it's pretty explanatory looking at the picture I think.

Then there's our Popsicle stick snowflake:

This was another easy one. We painted the sticks and then glued them together and added glitter.

So, those are our winter crafts so far. I've collected some more winter craft ideas on my Winter Craft Pinterest board:

Happy Winter!
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