Square Roots & Perfect Squares

A perfect square is the product of a whole number multiplied by itself
A square root of a number is a value that, when multiplied by itself, gives that number.

This page is a collection of resources that I have compiled (and in some cases made) to help teach my kids about square roots and perfect squares.


Online Games/Practice


  • Homeschool Math.net - ready made square root worksheets and a worksheet generator, Generates answer keys as well.
  • Math-Drills.com - Square roots of perfect squares worksheets; ready made, set of 10 worksheets available, with answer keys.
  • Mathatube.com - perfect square and non perfect square worksheets with answer keys.

Flashcards/Reference Charts

Square Root/Perfect Square Skill Cards/Flashcards

I created this set of flashcards which also includes skill/concept cards so that my kids could not only practice the square root/perfect square facts but also to make sure that they understood the basic concepts behind square roots and perfect squares
Square Root/Perfect Square Flashcards
Download-free (PDF)

For younger students, I have a Perfect Square/Square Root Activity Pack that not only includes the flashcards and progress chart, but also two matching activities.
Perfect Square/Square Root Activity Pack

You can purchase this pack at my my TpT store:
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Here is an example of some notebooking we did on the subject.

1) Frayer Models for Perfect Squares and Square Roots - I love Frayer models because they can really allow you to take a more in-depth look at vocabulary words and make vocabulary notes more organized.

2) Perfect square/square root visualization
I love this idea that I found on Pinterest. It can help your student visually understand what is going on with perfect squares and square roots; it connects the two concepts wonderfully, in my opinion:

Here is is our version of it:

You can download my templates for these three notebooking pages here. The pages also include space for students to write the first 20 perfect squares and the square roots for the first 20 perfect squares.

For more resources on perfect squares and square roots, please stop by my 
Square Root/Perfect Squares Pinterest board:

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