Art Prompts

If you don't have a structured art program but still want to get a little "arty," or just want a quick activity for the kids to do, consider giving them art prompts.

I've collected several art prompts resources on my Pinterest board,  including 30 day challenges.

Follow TJ HOMESCHOOLING's board Art-Drawing Prompts on Pinterest.

Some ideas for using prompts:

  • Number the prompts and have your kids draw a number each day from a jar and have them draw the corresponding prompt.
  • Put the prompt ideas on a calendar and have your child look on the art calendar for that day and draw that prompt.
  • Have your child keep an art journal and respond to the journal prompts in a sketchbook. Have them date each entry. Kids love to look back at their old drawings and see how old they were when they drew them.

If you want to get a little more creative with drawing, the Artful Parent has some neat drawing ideas such as "Simon Says Draw" or "Follow the Leader Drawing." These are fun ideas that you can join in on with your kids.

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