Learn the Names and Order of the Five Daily Prayers

Are you teaching the names and order of the five daily prayers? If so, this collection of resources might just come in handy.

(Note: As the day in Islam begins at maghrib, the numbering of the prayers in these resources starts with maghrib as the first prayer of the day instead of fajr)

5 Daily Prayers Foldable

Cut out the flap booklet and time of day pictures and glue in the pictures to match the prayer name.

5 Daily Prayers  Flashcards

These can be used as flashcards, for sequencing, or for a matching activity

5 Daily Prayers File Folder/Sorting Activity

4 sorting activities in one! Kids can sequence the names of the five prayers, match the time of day picture to the correct prayer, match the number of rakaat to the prayer, and finally, show which prayers are jahri (recited aloud) or sirri (recited quietly).

5 Daily Prayer Learning Pack

This pack, in shaa Allah, can help kids learn the names of the five daily prayers as well as their sequence through a set of 7 learning activities.

Learning the Prayer Positions

These are just some notes I wrote up for activities to teach the names of the prayer positions, which I am working on now with one of my kids.

1. Demonstrate and name each move as you make it (qiyaam, rukoo, sujood, jalsa).
2. Do each move repeatedly and randomly several times, naming each one as you make it.
3. Repeat step 2, but elicit a response from your student instead of you naming the position. (Of course provide the correct name if student incorrectly names a position).
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 several times throughout the day (at each prayer time is a great time). Do daily until mastered, then every other day, then weekly, then monthly.  In addition, play games and activities such as the ones listed below.

More Activities


  • Cards with pictures of each position
  • Cards with the name of each position (English, Arabic, or both)

1. Show  picture card and have student say the name of the position
2. Show a name card and have student perform the correct position
3. Show student a name card and have him/her show you the correct position card (or have student match up these cards by himself.
4. Show student a picture card and have him/her show you the correct name card.
5. Put the position and/or name cards in order that you perform them in

Make notebooking pages to keep in a binder/notebook for review (or make this part of a salaah lapbook)
  • Notebooking page: a page which shows the position name and picture of the position together
  • Notebooking page: a page that shows the positions in correct sequence

Conditions, Pillars, and Requirements of Salaat Learning Texts

Conditions of Salaah Lapbook/Notebooking Elements


Moon Connection.com

Moonconnection.com - nice, simple site to get quick info on the moon and it's phases.

moon phases diagram

Flying High for Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza

I love frozen pizza. I never really get why some people think it tastes like cardboard, but hey, different strokes for different folks......

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High Judiciary Council of Saudi Arabia announces `Eid al-Fitr 1436

Look What I Got From BzzAgent!!!

If you are not familiar with it, BzzAgent is a word of mouth program through which you can receive free products to try in exchange for your honest review.  I've written about other things I've received from BzzAgent which you can check out in my BzzAgent tag. It's been a while since I first posted about what I have received and I've gotten some more items to try since then:

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Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza

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Hijri Calendar Templates for Wall Displays

Here are a few older hijri calendar templates for wall displays. I have used these as large wall calendars by choosing  the"2 sheets by 2 sheets" setting in Adobe Reader.

The first one has the gregorian days of the week, the hijri days of the week and the transliterated hijri days of the week names.
Hijri Calendar Wall Calendar Display 1

This second one has the gregorian days of the week names and the transliterated hijri day  names.

Hijri Calendar Wall Calendar Display 2

You might also want to include Islamic calendar event cards to put on your wall display calendar. These are old and a little wonky, but I included them here for inspiration if they are a little too old school for you.

Islamic Calendar Events Cards for Calendar Display

original post date: 9/8/11

The Months of the Hijri Year - PowerPoint

Great PowerPoint donated to TJ by Umm Bashaa'er. It shows the spelling of the Arabic months and has audio of the pronunciation of each month.

The Islamic Months of the Year PowerPoint

 photo yellow-ruler_zpstf30f6qm.png

Kids' Arabic Calendar Reference Chart

Great reference tool for younger students. Keep in their Islamic Studies notebook.

Hijri Calendar Quick Reference Chart for Kids

original post date: 10/18/12

Hijri Calendar Basics - Reference Chart Set

Help your students learn and review the basics of the hijri calendar with this 3 chart reference set! Great addition for your Islamic Studies notebook.
Hijri Calendar Reference Chart Set

original post date: 11/25/12

Do Your Children Know Who To Take Their Islamic Knowledge From?

When it comes to studying our deen, I am my children's sole resource for Islamic knowledge.

I bring the knowledge to them.

I bring ahadith,

I bring scholarly articles.

But there will come a day, in shaa Allah, when they will be out on their own and they will need to seek knowledge for themselves.

Learn knowledge, for indeed learning it for the sake of Allaah is awe (of Him), seeking it is worship, studying it is glorification (of Allaah), researching it is Jihaad, teaching it to those unaware of it is charity, and giving it out to one’s family builds ties. It is a friend in privacy, a companion in solitude, a guide in times of ease, an aide in times of difficulty, a counselor to the friends (of Allaah), a close-relative to the strangers, and a lighthouse for the path to Paradise. (Muaadh, one of the Companions, Salaf us Saalih.com)

And they will need to know where to get that knowledge from.

And today, there is a wealth of Islamic knowledge in books and on the internet.

But as we know, not all of that knowledge is reliable. Not all of it comes from reliable sources.

So, I don't have to tell you, that as parents, it is our responsibility to make sure our children know firstly that we take our deen from the Quraan and Sunnah and after that, we must seek out reliable sources such as the ulema kabeer (major scholars) and students of knowledge.

Today, I was discussing the menses and fasting with my daughters and I always tell them where this information and that information comes from. But I know, that if I left them on their own, they wouldn't know where to get this knowledge. Sure, they can surf the web, but what would they come up with?   So, I made up a sheet for them to place in their Islamic Studies notebooks where they could list scholars, students of knowledge and authentic websites to take from.  I thought others may find it helpful as well, in shaa Allah, so I thought I would share it.

Where Do We Take Our Knowledge From?

In addition to the sheet where they can quickly look up names, I am hoping to start a section of their Islamic Studies notebooks for scholars and students of knowledge and to begin studying their biographies so they know more than just their names, in shaa Allah.

Also check out my Scholars section for links to scholar biographies

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