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Vasquez Rocks 04-1977

This is one of the few field trips that we have been on thus far in/near the Antelope Valley.   It is located in Aqua Dulce which is between the Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita.

"The rocks’ history began in prehistoric times when the sandstone rocks were uplifted at a picturesque angle, showing their jagged red features. In 1874 Tiburcio Vasquez, one of California’s most notorious bandits, used these rocks to elude capture by law enforcement. His name has since been associated with this geologic feature. The park is a popular hiking, picnicking, and equestrian area and has been used in many hit movies, television shows and commercials."

We were in for a treat when we went because when we got there, we didn't know that you get to climb up on the rocks. The kids loved it!!!!! 
My 17 year old climbing on the rocks at Vasquez Rocks
Be prepared for some walking (we weren't and we brought a stroller and had to lug it around). As I said, you can climb on the rocks and there is also an interpretive center with information about the rocks and artifacts and even a few birds in an exhibit outside.  Visiting Vasquez Rocks is free and there is also a gift shop on site.

We spend about a couple of hours here so it's a nice, easy field trip that won't take all day if you don't have that kind of time.

In the Interpretive Center:

Outside among the rocks:

 photo yellow-ruler_zpstf30f6qm.png

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