Antelope Valley Homeschool Charter Schools

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Here are a few homeschool charter school options available in the Antelope Valley.

Antelope Valley Learning Academy

This school is located in Lancaster and they have a tuition free homeschooling program.

  • Students can choose from exclusively all at home learning or they can take optional classes at the campus.  If you are looking for more structure, this is a good program because they give parents pacing guides of the assignments.
  • Students are required to turn in all assignments from the pacing guide (not just samples).  Students are assigned a supervising teacher and the parent and student must meet once every 20 days (really just monthly). Parents must turn in attendance logs at those meetings.  
  • Students are required to participate in state testing each spring.  
  • Students are required to participate in physical fitness testing in grades 5, 7, and 9.
  • Students are given traditional public school textbooks (which you return at the end of the school year) and although you must use the textbooks they choose, you do have some leeway as far as math and you can use programs like Saxon, Math U See, and Teaching Textbooks.
My kids were enrolled in this school for about 2 years and they liked it. We are not enrolled any more because our high schoolers are in public high school and I took out my elementary and middle schoolers out because it was hard to keep up with all the assignments since I was homeschooling several kids. Otherwise, if you don't mind the monthly meetings, I would recommend this school.


iLead is a relatively new school and we just found out about it in spring 2015. It is available to students who reside in Orange and Los Angeles counties (maybe Riverside too, I can't remember) and it is tuition free. They have different options, you can attend school at a campus (iLead) or you can totally do independent study  at home (iLeadExploration - which is what we are enrolled in.) If you are looking for flexibility, this school so far seems to be a good option. Each year, each student is allotted funds for curriculum. (This year elementary and middle school students were allotted $2,000 and high schoolers get around 2400 or 2600). You are not given the funds, but you put in an order to your EF (Education Facilitator) and he/she will place the order for you.  You not only can purchase books, but also online and local classes (art, martial arts, dance, sewing......) with your funds, even computers. All the materials have to be returned when you take your kids out of the school, but there's a great variety of resources you can get, including copy paper and ink each semester.  You get to choose your curriculum  as long as it is not religious based.  You have to meet with your EF once a month for him/her to collect your samples, but you only have to turn in 2-4 samples per learning period.

Desert Sands Charter School

This is a tuition free high school charter school in Lancaster. It belongs to the same Learn4Life organization that Antelope Valley Learning Academy is a part of and they have many schools throughout California

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