Daily Alphabet Practice

Sharpen alphabet knowledge with a daily alphabet practice session! This handy sheet can help!

When I first started homeschooling, I came across a Saxon Phonics sampler.  In the daily lessons, the program included an alphabet activity session where basic alphabet principles were reviewed.  I loved that idea and over the years, I have used (on and off) some sort of daily alphabet practice session. 

I recently took my two youngest school age children out of the public homeschooling program that my older kids are in so that we could go at a more relaxed pace and hit the basics that I just didn't feel we were covering in the program.  I'm still trying to get us into a routine, but one thing we started on  yesterday was the daily alphabet practice session.  Now, I wasn't prepared so I just wrote out the alphabet on a piece of paper and sort of did things from the top of my head.  The two did alphabet sequencing activities and they had to share the one handwritten alphabet that I had provided.   That didn't work so well as you can imagine.  So, I decided that today, in shaa Allah, I would be prepared. So I make a daily alphabet practice sheet that not only included an alphabet strip, but also a list of prompts/questions for me to ask the kids and a place where they can practice sequencing.  

Each of the kids gets one in their binder, so when it's time for this session, we can just dive right in, in shaa Allah.

You can download a PDF copy of the sheet below the image. I hope this can be a timesaver for someone else too!

Daily Alphabet Practice Notebook Page &  Alphabet Strip