Hajj and Tawheed

If you are looking for information to put together a unit study on Hajj, you won't want to miss this Hajj and Tawheed, by Dr. Saleh as Saleh (rahimullah).

It includes:

  • rituals of the Hajj (day by day) 
  • invalidators of the Hajj
  • types of Hajj
  • the rewards of Hajj
  • reminders about making Hajj
  • prohibited acts within the Haram and during Ihram
  • contemplations of Hajj (things to think about while you are performing the various rituals, their implications)

Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book and Handwriting Pages

Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book and Handwriting Pages - originally offered from Calgary Islam

Arabic Alphabet Coloring and Tracing Pages

Ten Reasons to Learn Arabic

From Troid.ca,  here are Ten reason you want to learn Arabic:

1. Arabic is the language of the Qur'aan
2. The Qur'aan will increase you in intellect
3. The Qur'aan leads to righteous actions
4. The Qur'aan leads to the preceding messages in the previously revealed texts
5. The elaboration upon the Qur'aan is only known in Arabic
6. The great reward for reciting the Qur'aan—each letter
7. Many obligations in Islam cannot be completed except through utilising Arabic (ex. ash-Shahaadah)
8. The Sunnah is recorded in Arabic likewise
9. Without Arabic, a person remains a blind follower of translated interpretations
10. Deviation and innovation often comes from those who do not understand Arabic properly 

The City of Makkah

"From the places of virtue that Allaah has extolled
and mentioned their excellence
to the exclusion of others
is the city of Makkah..."

The Excellent Virtues of Makkah (AbuKhadeejah.com)
Compilation of 14 reasons why the city of Makkah is sacred with daleel (evidence, proof.)

Map for Kids

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