Audio for Seeking Refuge from 4 Things

Download/listen to Audio of Seeking Refuge from 4 Things (MP3)
(Note: In this audio, refuge is sought first from the punishment of the grave and then the hellfire. In my lessons and other resources here, the duaa is given with the punishment of the hellfire listed first and then the punishment of the grave. Both sequences can be found in Sahih Muslim: Kitaab us Salaah, Book 4, Chapter 68.)

Moving the Lips while praying, making supplications and reading the Qur’aan

Are you saying your morning and evening Dua’ yet being afflicted by trials? 
Is your prayer being accepted?

One key might lie in the way you are reciting/reading.......

Moving the Lips while praying, making duaa, and reading Quraan

  • "One must be aware concerning the conditions of reciting audibly and silently........"
  • We say, the morning and evening supplications should be read like you read aloud and silently (in the prayer); so if you say them silently it is a must that you move your tongue, there is no benefit in just moving your eyes across the lines (of the dua book, for example) and then you say, ‘I’m reading’…reading silently. This is not called reading and this is not called speech in the Arabic language.
  • Reading and speech in the Arabic language requires that the tongue is moved.

The works below are both based upon the words of Shaykh Muhammad bin Umar Bazmool:

Prayer Positions Cards

Salaah Positions Cards
Print out on cardstock for durability, cut out and enjoy a number of activities to make learning about the positions fun.

Card Set 1

Card Set 2 (Picture, English transliteration, Arabic Text)

Salaah Positions Cards

Multiplication Wheels and More!

If you are working on the multiplication facts, check out this neat resource I stumbled upon today!

It's a set of multiplication wheels and so much more. This 64 page pdf contains  multiplication wheels from 1 to 12, a doubles facts multiplication wheel, and combination wheels such as the 7,s, 8s, and 9s. Then, it also has a blank wheel so that you can write or edit on your own facts and in any order you wish.

Also included in the pack are self checking quizzes and cute little certificates to award for each set of facts mastered (1s, 2s, 3s, etc).

 Download multiplication wheels now

Hoping I can hunt down something similar for the other 3 operations, inshaa Allah!