Various Ways of Making Dhikr After Salaah

Taken from: "Various Authentic Ways of Making Dhikr After Salaah" from:

 Subhaanallaah, Alhamdulillah, wallaahu akbar” 33 times and in the sunnah other types.
and the preferred 6 types (are):
1. These statements are said 10 times (each): Therefore totaling 30 times
2. That it’s said 11 times (each): Therefore totaling 33
3. That you say each one 33 times (each) totaling 99
4. That you end that with at-Tawheed at-Taama (La ilaha illallah…)
5. (This one is missing in my printing but you say 33, 33, and then 34)
6. That you say every one (of the praises) from the 4 statements 25 times (each) therefore totaling 100.