Prostration of Thankfulness

What is the Prostration of Thankfulness?

Sujud-ul-Shukr (Prostration of Thankfulness) is enjoined to be performed by a person whenever they are blessed with a grace that they waited and longed for, or when they get rid of a distress or a misfortune that afflicted them or was about to do so. In such cases, it is Sunnah (a commendable act) that the concerned person makes one Sujud (prostration) in which they are to glorify Allah and thank Him. (Source

How to Perform the Prostration of Thankfulness

“How does one perform sujood ash-shukr (the prostration of thankfulness)?”

Answered by: Shaykh al-Albaani (rahimahullaah):
“It comprises of one prostration, and none of the preconditions needed for prayer are stipulated for it. So it is like sujood at-tilaawah, they both have the same ruling. Neither of them have a precondition such as being in a state of purification, facing the qiblah, making the takbeer, making the tasleem, and so on. Rather, if he is surprised by some blessing, he prostrates immediately the way he is and praises Allaah with whatever (words) he can for that blessing that He gave him, out of thanks to Him. Likewise if he recites a verse of prostration from the Book of Allaah (‘azza wa jal), he prostrates immediately, whether he has wudhoo or not, whether he is facing the qiblah or not, without making takbeer al-ihraam and without making any tashahhud or salaam.” Taken from:

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