XtraMath.org - Online Math Facts Practice and Tracking Program


I  had been looking for a FREE online program that would help me get the kids to practice their math facts daily and a way to track their progress and I stumbled upon XtraMath.org. 

We just started using it this month and most of the kids are doing well with it.
First, they take a placement test to see what facts they have mastered (able to answer in 3 seconds or less). Then, they are given daily practice with a set of unmastered facts.

You can set up a teacher/parent account to manage your students (kids).
Each child gets their own account/login.

I really like the program because there are many ways to see a child's progress.

  • There is a table that shows, by color, which facts have been mastered, and which are close to being mastered.
  • You can also see a graph of day to day progress.
  • For each day of practice, you can see which facts were practiced and mastered.
Some of the other features I like about the program are that it notifies you by email when a student has not logged in/practiced for a while.  When  you log in, you can see what days the student practiced and how they did (by color coded dots).

It's a very helpful tool and a timesaver because I have wanted to make math facts practice a daily thing, but just haven't gotten around to it (being consistent); this makes it much easier.

Ideally, you can supplement this with online and offline games, flashcards, etc, but if you struggle, like me,  to get things like that in, this is a great aid.

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