Women Leading the Prayer (at Home, other Women)

Discusses women leading other women in prayer, specifically in the house.
Women should stand in the middle of their first row and lead.

Teaching Children the Arabic Alphabet

Teaching Your Child the Arabic Alphabet (AbiHomeschoolsToo.com) - A nice article with tips for teaching the Arabic alphabet to kids, as well as a suggested sequence. I've always taught my kids in alphabetical order, but he makes a good point that some kids have a difficulty distinguishing between the letters that differ only by dots.

Teaching the Arabic Alphabet

I've also got a complete set of lessons for teaching the alphabet to preschoolers/lower elementary over at my old wordpress blog (https://talibiddeenjr.wordpress.com/category/arabic-alphabets/page/3/). Here, I teach in alphabetical order. They are spread out over several posts, so you'll need to scroll around a bit. In shaa Allah, I hope to put them into a PDF file for ease of use.

Surah Completion Certificates

I've wanted to make these certificates for years (for individual surahs) and, alhamdulillah, I finally got around to knocking them out! There are two certificates per page (8.5 x 11 paper) and each surah of Juz Amma as well as surah al Faatihah have their own certificate.

I'm planning on having the kids put together a Quraan binder or notebook for themselves which would include the certificates as they complete surahs, in shaa Allah as well as their notebooking notes for each surah.

Quraan Certificates

Quraan Certificates

Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages

Advice to Those Who Rush Tasbeeh

I came across this as an audio a few weeks ago and could (unfortunately) totally relate. We listened to the audio and tried the method of making tasbeeh described here (by Shaykh Albanee) from a Nisaai hadith.

Advice to those who rush Tasbeeh (transcript)

(audio) mp3