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We're using this program right now, level 1. My daughter loves it so far.

Quraan Knowledge and Skills List

I made up a comprehensive list of Quraan concepts (in question/answer form) for my kids that could be used for quick reviews, in shaa Allah.

3 pages (PDF)

Prostration Places in the Quraan

At certain ayaat (verses) in the Quraan, it is from the sunnah to prostrate upon hearing them. It is from the sunnah for the reciter AND listener to prostrate. These are mustahabb (recommended) acts, so there is no punishment if you do not do so.(Refer to "The Book of Allah and its Magnificient Status"

Which ayaat do we make prostration upon hearing?
  • List of prostration ayaat in the Quraan as well as the duaa for prostrating when hearing these verses.

List of Prostration Ayaat

The Prostration Duaa (to be said when prostrating due to recitation of 1 of the 14 associated ayaat)

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Prostration Duaa