Summer, Summer, Summertime

Summer is just around the corner!  Do you have enough activities to keep the kids busy?

Of course, here in Arizona, it's felt like summer for the past month. At any rate, we are in the summer mood so I found some resources online to help keep us busy this summer and we're having summer crafting fun already!. 

Summer Learning & Fun for Kids

Summer Facts

Free Printable Banners

I started doing seasonal wall displays a few years ago and found that it really got us revved up to do seasonal crafts and more seasonal based learning. My walls ususally start with a banner or garland:

Here are several that I found online this year and it was hard to choose between them!
But we went with the pineapple one and so happy we did because it looks so cute:

Summer Craft Ideas

So after I found our banner, we decided to get an early start on some summer crafts. I found loads of ideas here that we can't wait to try!
Here are a few of our crafts that we've done in the past few days already.

These are an easier variation of the Firework Salt Painting craft above. We didn't use salt, we just used glue in the shapes of fireworks and sprinkled glitter over it. It was a hit!

Then we did a campfire picture. They loved this one! The fire is made from handprints in paint and then we used a twig from the yard and cotton balls to simulate the roasted marshmallows.


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