Phonics - Silent Letters

Let me tell you something that's for the birds,
a useless silent letter attached to my words.*

Letters that are sometimes silent in words: b, c, d, g, h, k, m, n, p, t, u, and w

Silent Letter Games and Printable Activities - Galactic Phonics

Silent Letters - How to

List of Words with Silent Letters - (Advanced words for older learners; includes audio pronunciations)

Silent Letter Lessons

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IGH Words and Sentences

IGH Word List

Silent Letters Picture/Phonogram Cards (WR, KN, GN)

Use for matching or other games.....
Silent Letter Matching Picture Cards

On one set of boards, student must make the sound of the silent letter phonograms to place a marker. On the other set of boards, student must read a word with beginning silent letters to place a marker. 
Beginning Silent Letters Tic Tac Toe