Earn Money at Home (or on the go) With Prolific Surveys!

December 2017 (scroll down for 2019 update!)
Over the summer, I learned about Prolific Surveys from some fellow MTurkers (MTURK is a platform where you can make money performing Artificial Intelligence tasks. Check out my MTURK tag for info on how to get started). I started back in July Prolific after hearing about it on one of my MTURK groups.

When you sign up, you answer eligibility questions. These will qualify you for surveys. Then, on a regular basis I get more eligibility questions for more chances to qualify for surveys.

What I like is that I only* get offers for surveys that I qualify for. (*When I started writing this post, that was the case, however I have gotten 1 survey that I did not qualify for, but I've done over 40 surveys, so that's not so bad to me) This is in contrast to my experiences with sites like Swagbucks, With Prolific I'll only get an offer to participate for a survey if I am qualified (with that one exception). With Swagbucks, I would go through lengthy prequalification questions only to be turned down for the majority of the surveys which was very frustrating. MTURK is generally better as any prequal questions are generally any where from one question to maybe 10, but they are generally quick--(in a lot of cases, there are no prequalification questions with MTURK). Now, with Prolific, it is even better because I answer eligibility questions when they appear on my dashboard and wait for them to contact me with surveys I prequalified for. (However, you can always check your account to see if there are surveys because a few times there have been surveys that I didn't get an email about).

I generally get several surveys a week so far. Most are under a £ (they use £, not dollars) but recently I've gotten a £1 and  a £2 dollar survey. I've missed a few survey invitations (at first I didn't realize that that is what they were in my email). So far, since July, I've earned $38 which is not a lot, but I have cashed out one time and the money did come in handy at the time, so that's a win. I am not sure what other make from Prolific on a monthly basis, but I'm off to a pretty good start as the surveys generally don't take much time and I just see it as an extra way to make a little money.

If you'd like to check out Prolific, you can try here: https://www.prolific.ac

A caveat: The payout for Prolific is made through PayPal or Circle. A catch is that PayPal cash outs are charged PayPal's 2.9% + 20p fee and there is a fee as well for Circle, though I think if you accumulate £20 then there is no fee with Circle (but I'm not really familiar with Circle). I have cashed out once via PayPal and they took maybe the equivalent of $1. The payout was really quick, I think it took 1 day, maybe 2 tops for me to receive the money in my PayPal account.

Update: March 2019
I'm really liking Prolific. I continue to see a pretty good supply of surveys daily (there may have just been a few days where I didn't manage to catch one). I've cashed out a few more times (probably 4 now in total)  for a total of about $208 USD (you are paid in British Pounds)  and have made about $143 USD in the last 4 months. I kind of slept on Prolific for my first year, just reponding to the email invites to surveys and then someone in one of my MTURK groups mentioned it and I now keep a pinned tab for it in my browser and I check it throughout the day.