Rounding Up/Down

Rounding to nearest 10

Rounding to nearest 10, 100, 1000.... (older students)


These are a few things I have made over the years for my kids to practice rounding

Rounding to Nearest 10 Helper
Rounding to Nearest 10 Game 
Use 1-100 number cards (not included) or just write a number on the board and student places a card or says what ten the number rounds to.

Nearest 10 Worksheet

Nearest 10 File Folder Game

Have fun rounding to the nearest 10 with this mini practice pack!

-Rounding to nearest 10 helper (for students who have a hard time visualizing which two sets of 10 a number is inbetween)
-Two sorting activities to mix it up a little bit
-One rounding worksheet.