Beginning Arabic Grammar

Below is a sample outline I put together for beginning Arabic grammar. I have linked to lessons and other materials I have made. Occasionally I will link to outside resources, in shaa Allah.

Parts of Speech

Introduction to the Parts of Speech

The Ism: Types of Isms (beginning level)



Describing Words Must Match Words They Describe 

Detached Pronouns

Attached Pronouns

Ism Review

The Harf: Introduction

  • Chart: Harf Chart (a really  nice chart I found in one of my Arabic reference books

The Effect of Harf preceding words

The Harf with attached pronouns

The Verb: The 3 Verb Tenses

  • Flashcards: 100 verb roots (verbs you will find in the Quraan/hadith).
The Past tense verb/conjugating
The Present tense verb

The “Future tense verb”
Final Review

Types of Sentences

Jumlatul Ismiyyah

Jumlatul Fi’liyyah


(recognition, if  not already taught, or up it to using the numbers in context)

Cardinal numbers



100 - 999
1000 and beyond

Ordinal numbers



  • Negation recording sheet - a single sheet I made up to record negation words and when they are used and the rules for using them.