Arabic Yes! Book 1: Arabic Alphabet Standalone Forms

In teaching my kids how to read Arabic over the years, I found that most of the teaching texts I came across did not provide what I thought was ample review for letter recognition.  So, I created a book of drills to give them more practice. 

Each lesson has an "in lesson progress chart" that lets the student know which letters they are working on, which ones they have learned, and which letters have yet to be learned.

There are also teaching notes that help you set up a basic routine for your lessons which includes review, writing practice, and dictation. There are flashcards.....

 a progress chart to color in

 and other aids to help you teach such as teaching notes and word lists. At the end, there is a certificate that you can present to your student for learning the alphabet.

This book addresses only recognition of the standalone Arabic alphabet forms (the connected forms are taught in book 2, coming soon, in shaa Allah) 

You can purchase Book 1 at the following sites: