Learning About Colors with a Color Wheel

My eight year old daughter informed me yesterday that she was in the mood for art so could I get the art supplies down. She got distracted and never got around to it, but as we hadn't done any lessons from the art portion of our curriculum, I decided that it was time.

Our next lessons were on color and the project was to make a color wheel. Our curriculum is part of a total curriculum and the art part (really like the rest of the curriculum) is not super meaty so I went off to google some resources which you can see below.

The curriculum is really for my 3rd grader but I decided to include my 6th grader. Of course he was like "bah humbug" when I mentioned it to him (he's not really into art) and I was a little doubtful but after we watched the video below and broke out the paint, he came around and he enjoyed it immensely!

We used paper plates and tempura paints. We learned about the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors so we mixed colors to get these so we needed 12 sections on our paper plates.

We also learned about warm (red, yellow, orange) and cool (blue, green, purple)  colors. And finally, we learned a little bit about tint (adding white to a color) and shading (adding black to a color).

Here is one of our final products:

Below are some of the resources that I really liked and got ideas from.


Color Wheel Templates

For more ideas and inspiration, check out my Color Wheel Pinterest board!

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