Short Division Method

A few years ago, we were doing division and my 10 year old hated writing. Long division problems required too much writing (in his view).

But, my son was also pretty good about computing in his head, alhamdulillah.

In anticipation of teaching division, I  had googled a few months ago to see if there was some sort of shortcut because I anticipated some frustration for us.

And I found a great video. No messy long lines of long division!
(The video had since become unavailable but I found this one which is very brief and concise)

This second video goes a little more indepth and starts off with smaller problems.

As the video presenter mentioned in the video we used a few years back, this method works best for students who can do math mentally in their head without getting too confused and who know their math facts well. (My son hadn't mastered his math facts but he was quick at computing, so this still worked)

So one day I introduced this method  After doing a few problems, I did one problem two ways--the first with traditional long division, and the second, with this method.  Then I asked my son which way he preferred and he chose the second, quicker way and we did 5 or so problems using this method (that's about all his attention span would allow for because we had already did some simple division problems right before). But, I'm happy to say, no frustration and I'm so glad I stumbled upon this new method. It cuts down drastically on the amount of writing necessary and at that point, that made a big difference for us.

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