Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics Vocabulary -cut and paste activity.
Lithospheric Plates Map Activity - label the seven major plates on a map
Types of Plate Boundaries - chart to fill in
Lithospheric Plate Questions worksheet - could use the questions in a foldable perhaps

Plate Tectonics Boundaries Foldable

Earth's Layers Foldable
 Includes template and instructions.

Glencoe Plate Tectonics Activities
Worksheets graphic organizers, hands on activities
available at a second link:

Second Grade 1 week lesson plan for Plate Tectonics

Rubric for a plate tectonics boundaries foldable
Outlines what to include on a plate tectonics boundary foldable

Interactives - Dynamic Earth
Nice one page interactive resource to help understand the concept of plate tectonics.

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