Types of Clouds worksheets - set of 7 various worksheets on the topic, really nice! PDF

Types of Cloud Article and Worksheet from PDF

Enchanted Learing's Types of Clouds Page - html, article with illustrations. Under article is a labeling worksheet (simple and average versions available).

Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas - flashcards and printables (observation chart, quizzes, etc) and a Cloud in the bottle "lab". "Please consider moving beyond how to identify clouds. Try also teaching your students to connect each cloud type with a specific type of weather. This is learning for life, which truly engages your students!"
(I was totally thinking this as I was putting together this unit, I am trying to move beyond that teaching things just because that is what done in schools and for the sake of knowledge alone)

Cloud Types
several different types of activities here; photographs (not illustrations) of different cloud types so student can see what they look like in real life;

Cloud Types Illustrations
a few that I found while googling that I thought we might pick from for our notebooking work, in sha Allah.

Image Url

Image Url

Love this one! Image Url

Image Url

Image URL

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