Ways to Make 10

This week, my second grader is learning different ways to make 10 (math facts whose sum is 10). In her math book (which I've since decided to ditch and go bookless, at least for now) we came to the section on adding three numbers and one of the strategies was to find numbers of the addends whose sum was 10 and then it would be easy to add the third addend to 10.

Well, they only spend one lesson or so on this and then it's on to the next topic, so I decided to slow down and have her actually memorize the facts (or at least spend a week doing so) so that she could actually benefit from using this strategy (it's really no good if you don't know what makes 10).

As I said, I'm ditching her math book (still using it as a guide to some extent) so I needed to come up with activities for her to get enough practice with making 10.  I wanted to find a wide range of activities (not just worksheets). So, below are some of the resources I've either made or come across on the 'net.  Below are just a few and under them, you can visit my Pinterest board for "Addition - Ways to Make 10 where you will see some of these activities/resources and more).

Learning/Reference Charts

These are helpful for students to refer to them. One cute chart to represent ways to make 10 that seems to be very popular over the internet is the rainbow chart.  On our first day of learning about ways to make 10 we made one:
 Ways to Make 10 Rainbow Chart

Normally I would try to do this on the computer, but I needed something quick so I hand wrote this one and had her complete it. You can check out my Pinterest board link below for links to premade ones or other examples of handmade charts.

This chart was cute, but my daughter didn't really "get it" so I decided to try again with this one:

Ways to Make 10 Chart

It was based upon a chart I came across in a Pinterest pin.  She seemed to understand this chart better.  


Since I love flashcards and didn't come across a set that just had the facts that make 10, I created a quick set.  These are missing addend flashcards because, well, all the sums are 10.  There are 11 cards in this set.

Ways to Make 10 Missing Addend Flashcards

Games & Hands On Activities

Number Bonds - Make 10 - This is a cute, simple online game where your child is given a number and must find a ball that can be combined to make a sum of 10.

Ten in the Bag
Place different numbers of items, such as counters, beads, dried beans, or crayons, in clear bags. Then challenge pairs or small groups to figure out how many more items are needed in order to have a total of ten in the bag. Students can write number sentences, or create missing addend sentences to solve. They can find the other students in the room who have their missing amount to complete a perfect 10! (Source: Educators.Brainpop.com

We've been working on making 10 this week and my daughter seems to have memorized the facts. She's having a little trouble with using the concept to add three addends but as one of our goals is to master the math facts, well, then we've been successful in that goal, alhamdulillah.

If you need "ways to make 10" activities, be sure to stop by by Pinterest board below as there are over 35 pins with neat ideas to help kids learn/practice making 10!

Check out my Addition Pinterest board for other "Ways to Make 10" resources:
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