ABC Order Practice w/Letters

I wanted my daughter to practice ABC order today with letters, so I made up a little worksheet as it was hard to find ones with just letters that I liked.
ABC Sequencing with Letters Worksheet

Now, some years back I made up some ABC sequence activity strips/cards for my kids to practice alphabet sequencing with letters (before starting with words).

ABC Sequencing Practice Cards

When I made these, it was intended that they be cut out (there are 43 strips) and laminated and then kids can write in the letter that is missing. Or, using letter tiles, a letter tile can be placed in the blank space. These used to be on TJ eons ago, but with my moves, they didn't make it back. So, I thought I would offer them again. I hope to get some contact paper (my cheapy alternative for laminating) to laminate and then maybe I'll use them again because it's a great activity to help keep the kids' busy and learning pretty much on their own. 

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