US History: Early Migration to the Americas

My 5th grader and I are studying US History this year using Scott Foresman's Social Studies: The United States.  Our first topic was the early migration to the Americas and the main theories that people migrated from Asia to the Americas via a land bridge and by boat.

To supplement our studies, we viewed a short few videos on You Tube:

We're waiting for our workbooks to arrive, and sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get the end of the section questions answered so I made up my own guided notes page for my son in lieu of the questions and to keep in his binder as notes. I've provided a download link to the notes, of course they are most useful if you are using the Scott Foresman textbook (Unit 1, Chapter 1, Section 1: Migration to the Americas) but I also think they are pretty general that you could use them even if you aren't.

Migration to Americas Guided Notes

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