Student's Friend World History Textbook

Student's Friend World History Textbook- FREE
When we lived overseas, most of the places we lived didn't have residential mail service and we only had a post office box once. So, I had to rely on the internet for most of our homeschooling materials.

One of the free resources that I came across and used with my oldest daughter (for a bit) was the Student's Friend World History Textbook. It is an online textbook but also available in PDF form.  It's really a bare bones textbook, not loaded down with a lot of extra facts; it is as it is described, a concise world history.

Now, when I used it, I did do a lot of supplementing to make it come "alive" (I made some materials or found videos and PowerPoints) but it worked great as a spine. In addition, there is a page of support materials where you will find links to maps and project/assignment ideas.

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