"What are Propaganda Techniques? They are the methods and approaches used to spread ideas that further a cause - a political, commercial, religious, or civil cause.
Why are they used? To manipulate the readers' or viewers' reason and emotions; to persuade you to believe in something or someone, buy an item, or vote a certain way."

Recognizing Propaganda Techniques and Errors of Faulty Logic

This is an article that a fellow homeschooler shared a while back on one of my homeschooling groups. It discusses propaganda techniques and gives examples. I think that this is a worthy topic to explore in the homeschool (and in education in general). I recently was looking up some information on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and found a lot of bias material out there on the net.  It underscored for me the necessity to familiarize our kids (and ourselves) with this to help us make sense of what is really going on.

Developing the Ability to Analyze Historical and Contemporary Information

This article seemed as if it would be helpful in history/social studies classes. The link is no longer valid so I left up the exact title in case it can be located elsewhere.

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