What is an Insect? Notebooking Pages

My 1st grader and I studied insects earlier this year. Here is a printable I made for her for classifying insects.

What is an Insect? Notebooking Page
Here she tells how many insects an ant has and in the circles near the legs, each leg is numbered. To the right, she writes how many body parts there are (3) and then she traces the names of each part.

Types of Insects

On the second page of the printout out, she can see if she can name the different types of insects and tell why each one is an insect (because they have six legs and 3 body parts; some pictures don't show the legs though.... ) These can also be cut out and pasted onto a page titled types of insects.

 photo yellow-ruler_zpstf30f6qm.png

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