Homemade Playdough Fun!

We made homemade playdough last weekend and as you can imagine, it was a hit, alhamdulillah.
I've made playdough throughout the years, but I think I was always stingy on the food coloring because I always got bland pastel colors: pinks, blues, light greens.

Well, this time we got vibrant, fun colors (although the picture doesn't do them justice as they were all more vibrant in real life than they appear here.)

I followed the recipe/instructions in this video, which was really well put together and easy to follow:

I was especially glad to see this one as many playdough recipes call for cream of tartar, which I don't ever have on hand or buy. And, it also was a no cook recipe, yippee!!

Here are a few of our masterpieces:

By the second day it looked like this (or was this the first day??):

Then by the end of the week it had morphed into a green-gray mass, but they still got lots of play from it.

Someone forgot to put it back in its airtight zipper bag last night, so we said goodbye to it this morning and resolved to make some more soon, in shaa Allah.

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