End "What Shall I Write About?" - Use a Writing Prompt Generator

If we want kids to do well in writing, they have to, well.... write!  And lots. Giving daily writing practice is one way to help achieve that, in shaa Allah.  Some kids like to write and need little or no help thinking about something to write. But, maybe more often than not, some kids need a little help. You can provide writing prompts (make up your own or find oodles of them on the internet). But sometimes your writing prompts will get met with an eye roll or sigh (heck sometimes they make me sigh too just thinking about them).  So, you might try a writing prompt generator such as one I found online.

With this generator, kids can click to generate their own prompts in three ways (as seen in the picture below):

  • Get a generated phrase of an adjective, noun, and verb
  • Get the names of three random objects to craft a story about
  • Get a plot generated with a protagonist, antagonist, setting, goal, important event and/or object. Students can use all the things generated under here or just use one or more.

Writing Prompt Generator
My daughter chose the three object one one time and crafted a cute little story. 

So, if you need some help getting a student started writing, this writing prompt generator is a little trick that might help.

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