Current Events Form

Help your student(s) organize their current events study with this current events template/form.

We've done current events on and off throughout our homeschooling. The high school homeschool program that my high schoolers are in requires a couple of current event assignments to be submitted throughout the year. But, there were no guidelines given and I wanted to try to make sure that the kids got something out of the assignment rather than just summarizing what was written in the article.

So, I put together a current events form that not only requires them to record key information about the article and summarize it, but it requires them to find out where the events in the article took place and find that place and mark it on a map, and requires them to think about how the events in the article can impact lives, including their own.

Current Events Template

The template is just one PDF page, but I made a lined and  unlined version. In addition, there is a DOC version available.

Even if you do not do formal written current assignment events, you can use the template as a prompt for when you and your kids discuss current events.


PDF (both lined and unlined versions are included)
DOC (both lined and unlined versions are included)

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