Try Microsoft Office 2013 Free for 6 Months!

Get Microsoft Office Free for 180 days!

For the past year, we've been using Google Docs a lot in our homeschool. The kids use it to type up a lot of their school work and I can easily check it online  without having to print it out, so we have less paper waste.

But Google Docs can be somewhat limited when you need extra bells and whistles (more advanced formatting options), so we like to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint when we need extra.  In addition, I typically use Office for making my homeschool printables and some graphics and Google Docs is not robust enough for those uses.

At Microsoft's TechNetEvaluation Center, you can download a full working copy of Microsoft Office 2013 which is good for 30 days. Before the 30 day expiration, you can legally rearm your Office Copy using the Office Trial Extender. Each time you rearm Office, you get 30 additional days and you can rearm up to 5 times giving you 180 days total usage of Microsoft Office. 

I first learned of this through