A Better Way to Teach Multiplication?

When I was in school, we were taught the old fashioned way (which is actually a shortcut, I guess and maybe the not the original way old fashioned way????) of multiplying by starting with the ones, carrying if necessary, dropping to the second line, adding a zero, repeating the carrying and multiplying, dropping to the third line adding two zeros, etc... (see picture below on the right).

Some of my students struggled so much with this "old" method.  A year or so ago, I discovered a new way (new to me), and am just learning the name of it now. Multiplication in parts or expanded algorithms are two of the names I have seen. It is shown on the left.

Partial Product and Std. Algorithm for 5(728).

This way makes so much more sense to my kids and is easier to teach.  The carrying got so confusing to some of them as did to remember to add zeros before multiplying.This expanded way seems to clue the student more in on how the multiplication works and what's going on, so, in the experience of my kids, it's been easier to master, in shaa Allah.

If you are getting frustrated with the old shortcut method, here as just a few resources that you can refer to try teaching this different method.


picture source: http://web.mnstate.edu/peil/MDEV102/U1/S8/Standard2.htm

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