Setting Up a Math Binder

Looking for a structured outline of things to include in a math binder?

We're getting ready to start a more formal summer session of study for six weeks, in shaa Allah and are hoping to start Connections Academy this fall, so I wanted to make sure that we were organized for both. Today we started organizing our math binders for the summer session, and then, when its over, in shaa Allah, we'll clear out the paperwork and our structure will already be there for when the fall term begins.

So here's our basic structure, and I'll modify it as needed, in shaa Allah.

  • Math Divider (right now all the subjects are in one binder, but I hope to eventually get one binder per class, because we tend to have trouble keeping binders organized).
  • Syllabus/Yearly or Quarterly Plan 
  • Grade/Assignment Sheet
  • Skill-Building Divider Section
    • Skill-building Skills Tracker Sheet (overall tracker of when specific skills have been mastered); I'm developing a sheet for this which will help to track maintenance review of mastered topics (first daily review for five days after mastery, then odd/even days, then weekly, finally monthly)
    • Math Facts trackers go here as well as various trackers for other skills/concepts that need to be recalled quickly
  • Daily Warm Ups/Quizzes Divider Section
    • Each entry in this section should be dated; if the quiz or warm up is short, student can just continue the next entry on the same page; reverse chronological order
  • Notes Divider Section
    • Notes template/sample
  • Vocabulary/Glossary Divider Section
    • Vocabulary words template/sample
  • Math Journal Divider Section
    • section for student to record responses to math prompts (such as explaining a process in their own words); entries should be dated and in reverse chronological order; just add on to current page if there's more space
  • Classwork/Homework Divider Section
    • in progress assignments go here, and then after graded, I decided to hold onto these in a file folder for each student, so there's less papers to get torn out/lost, in shaa Allah
    • Header Sample (on back of classwork/homework divider pouch)
      • illustrates proper format (required by teacher) for heading math papers
  • Tests Divider Section
  • Reference Divider Section

Here's my basic set of dividers, nothing fancy, just text.  I needed to get up and running as quickly as possible.  In shaa Allah, the kids can decorate them to spiff it up, or I'll create some fancier ones later.

In shaa Allah, I'll be adding to this section as we progress.

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