Why So Many Elementary Students Aren't Mastering Basic Math Facts

Why So Many Elementary Students Aren't Mastering Basic Math Facts
a two part article that I stumbled across today. 

I believe that students should memorize the basic math facts because I can see from my kids that haven't memorized them, they struggle with more advanced problems often not because they don't understand a concept but because they have to take time out to calculate a basic math fact. 

One point that the article mentions is that in schools, traditionally, ample time is not allowed to practice and master the facts.  Another point brought up in the article was that kids in lower grades are taught topics in the lower grades that they don't really need at younger ages and that this time could be spent mastering basic math facts.   

I thought it was a very good read and reconfirmed many of the things that I felt about math instruction today and was a great reminder, because at home, you can take the time to master these concepts, in shaa Allah, especially if you are an ex-pat abroad or don't live in a state where homeschooling requirements are strict. I have been reflecting a lot lately how as homeschoolers, if you don't have someone breathing down your neck, you can really go at your own pace and most likely, the kids will still end up at the same place (or higher) than they would at school.  I totally notice this with grammar where you get hammered the same concepts over 13 years with very little  new content each year.  Once you master a concept, sure review, but you don't have to spend several more years (I often just hate when we start a new textbook because the kids and I cringe when they start with something that they've already mastered and its just busy work, but you feel guilty for passing it up).

Anyway, good article to check out.  ;)

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