Living vs. Non Living (Printables)

How can we tell if something is living or not?

This cut and paste activity can help students learn how to distinguish between something that is living or non-living.

I made up this little activity on the fly for my first grader and here's her finished product (she forgot to color it in before hand cutting and gluing).   We've added it to our science notebook. Though I just started her notebook (it has this and the five senses sorting activity recently posted), it's been such a big help already for review and reference while she completed another homework assignment.

Living/Nonliving Characteristics Poster Activity

Living/Nonliving Cut and Paste Poster

I also have a living/non-living sorting activity that I made back in 2008 and posted on my WordPress blog:

Living/Nonliving Sorting Activity 

Links updated: 10/06/21