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US Online Textbook - 60 units from From Pre-Columbian to the New Millennium

PASS high school textbooksSeveral years ago, while overseas, I stumbled across a collection of textbooks called PASS. They are textbooks that were written for special education in Florida. I used these books for my oldest kids, they are great! They are much lighter than traditional social studies textbooks and give you the basics without a lot of clutter of facts. If you want something light, these are good to check out. The PDF books contain reading material as well as simple worksheets and there are teacher's guides as well. They are no longer available online so a few years back I wrote and requested the materials. If you are interested in them, please use the contact form to contact me. I have books for American History, World History, American Government & Economics as well as the teacher resources.

Middle School History Alive American History Textbook (download individual chapters)

Lesson Resources

(Lessons, Videos, Powerpoints, etc) - When I stumbled onto  many years ago, I was on cloud 9! We were overseas and 99% of our homeschooling resources had to come from online. I used the site for history studies for my oldest daughter and it was so helpful. We were studying about ancient Sumer and needed to find resources about daily life there. Whether you are studying a specific ancient civilization or culture, an event such as a war or the signing of a treaty, you can find games, lesson plans, and other activities here. History and Government Resources - If you are studying a particular topic, this resources has US and World History videos to supplement.

Pete's PowerPoint Station Social Studies Resources - One of my favorite spots to get learning PowerPoints in just about any school subject you can imagine is Pete's PowerPoint Station. The social studies powerpoint section is filled with cute powerpoints for ancient history, world history, US history and geography. If you are studying a specific ancient civilization, you'll find great powerpoints for that. This site has been on my top ten list of social studies resources and I have used it often throughout the years. They even have neat clip art that students can use for projects.