AV/So Cal Homeschooling

Homeschooling in SoCal/AV
I grew up in northern California and lived overseas for almost 10 years. So SoCal, and homeschooling in SoCal is relatively new for me.  Below are some SoCal resources, with an emphasis on the Antelope Valley, that I have discovered.

AV/SoCal  Home Study/Charter School Programs

If you feel like you need or want some support, homeschooling books, or just want homeschooling records, there are many options to choose from in the SoCal area. Some are more structured and have great accountability and basically help you replicate school at home whereas others are very relaxed in what you teach and give parents a great deal of leeway. This section highlights some of the offerings here in SoCal.

AV/SoCal Field Trips

The SoCal area is teeming with cultural, educational, and fun places to make your homeschooling journery richer.  We've only been to a handful so far. This section shares places we've been and places we hope to check out in the near future.

Homeschool Support

I kind of keep to myself and am not as active in support groups as I was in the past. However, they can be a great source of encouragement and resources whether you are just starting out or are a veteran.