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We're using this program right now, level 1. My daughter loves it so far.

The Importance of Establishing Daily Routines

Children thrive on routines. They help give them a sense of security and help them to become more self-disciplined.

Below are a few articles that discuss the importance of routines for children and following, a few printables that I have made over the years for my kids for daily routines.


This one is for multiple children
Islamic Oriented Morning Chart 2
This one comes in six different color choices (I used to color code my kids for everything when they were all little). This one is for 1 child.
This one is for multiple children

This one comes in 4 different colors (sorry, the pink one is messed up and I don't think I have the original file). This is for a two sided template so that 1 child can check off each day for 1 month.