The Masjid

Masjid: an Islamic place of worship
Plural: Masaajid


Etiquettes Within the Houses of Allah (Masaajid)

Very comprehensive and well organized reading. Great to sit down and read, as is, to kids, in shaa Allah. Goes over etiquette from before you go to the masjid, going to the masjid, while you are there, and leaving the masjid.

Activity Ideas
  • Make a poster or lapbook of the etiquette of the masjid
  • Write an essay on the etiquette of the masjid
  • Have student make up a test on the material (true/false, multiple choice)
  • Gameboard and skill cards for etiquette of the masjid game
  • Make a masjid model/craft (paper, clay, legos, pattern blocks)

Creating a Unit Study on the Masjid

Use these resources to create a unit of study on the masjid!

Study Starters

-What is a masjid? 
-What do we do there? 
-How should we behave in the masjid?
-Do you live near a masjid? What is the name of the masjid?
-The proper adab we should have for the masjid (behavior, keeping it clean).

Language (Arabic/English)

-Write the word masjid in English Arabic. 
-What is the plural of masjid in Arabic? (masajid)
-Read about some masaajid around the world.-Younger children: review letters m,a,s,j,i,d and in Arabic, meem, seen, jeem


-Draw a picture of a masjid.
-Cut out pictures and make a collage/poster or book of "Masjids of the World"


-Older: Find and write ayaat that contain the word masjid.

Islamic Studies

-Learn about "What's Inside a Masjid?" with a book donated to TJ from Umm Nassim  
(PDF) (PowerPoint)

Masjid slide show (donated to TJ by 13 year old Abdul Fattaah

What is a Masjid? Unit Study (offsite) - Very nice unit for younger children from "My Test" Islamic Homeschooling Blog
Masjid Lesson, contributed by Umm Tafari, 3/2007 (not currently available)

Duaas for the Masjid:
-Learn the duaa for going the masjid:
-Learn the duaa for entering the masjid:
-Learn the duaa for leaving the masjid:
-Learn about Tahiyaatul Masjid, the rakaat you make when after entering the masjid.

Sample themed problems starters:


The History of Masjid al Aqsa and Palestine
Shaykh Muhammad Salih Al Uthaymeen

(Audio and PDF transcription)