Removal of worries, sadness, and grief

Nothing can remove these matters of sadness, grief, worry, melancholy or depression except to return to Allāh with a true return, and a complete breaking down before Allāh, and a total submission to Him, and humbling oneself before Him and submitting one's affair to him in totality, and a complete belief in the just decree of Allāh. Alongside this, the actualisation and firm belief in the Highest Loftiest Names and Attributes of Allāh and believing in His Book, and to be concerned with reciting and reflecting upon His Book, and acting upon what is in it. With this, and not with anything else, these matters of sadness, grief and worry are removed. 

Duaas for Anxiety, Sadness & Worry

Book of duaas for anxiety and sorrow (TJ)

Note: I made the pages so that they can be cut out and glued into a composition book, if desired, but to do this, you'll need to change the print setting in your PDF viewer to "actual size" otherwise it will probably "fit to page" and be to big.

I remember 5 years ago, I was living overseas with my kids while my husband was in the states working. We were trying to save up money so that we could return to the states and we were having trouble with our housing so much so that it was looking that we were going to be out on the streets. So my son and I hit the pavement looking for more housing but, our visas had expired, so we were very limited as to what we could rent and things were looking very hopeless. 

One day I sat down and compiled duaas from Hisnul Muslim and made a little book for myself and every day I would sit and read through the duaas, and alhamdulillah, though I was still nervous and anxious, I felt like somehow we would get through. And alhamdulillah, we did. We got the money for travel and, with 8 kids, I made the trip back to the states, which Allah made much more easier than I could have ever imagined.

I still have my book to this day and often when I am facing difficulty, I recite the duaas from it. It has gotten kind of beat up and had just basic formatting, so I decided to redo it, and added to it some and it can be downloaded from the link above, in shaa Allah.


The Quraan as a Cure for Distress & Anxiety