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Nullifiers of Islam


Factors which nullify imân and islâm
From Muhammad bin Jamil ZinoTaken from his book "The Pillars of Islam and Iman - and what every muslim must know about the religion"


There are things which nullify Imân (Faith) i.e. Belief, just as there are things which nullify Wudhû'. If a person does any single one of them, he loses his state of ritual purity. The same is true with Belief. The nullifiers of Belief can be classified into four categories:

First category: Denial of Rabb's existence or reviling and speaking ill of Him.

Second category: Denial of Allâh's right to be worshipped or worshipping anything or anyone along with Him.

Third category: Denial of any of Allâh's Names or Attributes established in the Qur'ân and Sunnah or reviling them.

Fourth category: Denial of the role of Muhammed (pbuh) as the messenger of Allâh, or reviling His Message.

10 Nullifiers of Islam  AUTHOR: Imaam `Abdul-`Azeez bin Baaz SOURCE: Nawaaqid-ul-Islaam PRODUCED BY:

Nullifiers of Islam, - Kid friendly version of the above work.  I formatted this and added pictures to make it kid friendly for my kids.


Nullifiers of Islam Graphic "Poster" - I summarized the information in the Shaykh ibn Baz article listed above. (I lost the original some years back, so this is a copy that I had in my binder).